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Indigo Shibori -the works of Motohiko Katano
April 2nd to June 16th, 2019


Motohiko Katano (1899-1975), known as a leading specialist of shibori (tie-dye) with natural indigo, established an original technique of his own, which is later called 'katano shibori'. This exhibition introduces selected works of indigo shibori by Katano such as kimonos, tapestries, and noren curtains. Works by Kaori Katano (1932-2016), daughter of Motohiko who had sincerely supported her father as a dyer throughout her life, are also exhibited. Please enjoy the magnificence of shibori world with indigo and white patterning.


From the exhibition

Closed Mondays (except Apr.29th & May 6th), May 7th
Admission Adults ¥1,100.-  Students ¥600.- 
Jr.High and Elementary ¥200.-
Museum Hours 10:00-17:00(the ticket office is closed at 16:30.)