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Forms with Prayers -focusing on Okinawa burial urns
January 12th (Sun) - March 22nd (Sun), 2020


Outstanding works which are created with prayers always bear religious practice. They suggest to creators that they should be consistently aware of significant existence beyond individuals or the deceased, resulting in modesty or awe of creators. Compared to other crafts, they have thicker relationship with beauty without individual intentions. This exhibition introduces our new collection of Okinawa burial urns for the first time as well as various forms with prayers all over the world.


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Closed Mondays. (Except Holiday Mondays, closed the next day in this case)
Admission Adults ¥1,100.-  Students ¥600.- 
Jr.High and Elementary ¥200.-
Museum Hours 10:00-17:00(the ticket office is closed at 16:30.)