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Joseon White Porcelains
September 11th (Tue) - November 23rd (Fri), 2018


Joseon ceramics reflect its cultural aesthetic or creativity. Among them, white porcelains especially bear the beauty from a pure and honorable poverty which accord with philosophy of the Confucianism. They embrace our hearts gently. Joseon white porcelains such as jars, bottles, and bowls cherished by Soetsu Yanagi will be on display in this exhibition, and invites you to the free and pure world of beauty.


From the exhibition

Closed Mondays. (Except Holiday Mondays, closed the next day in this case)
Admission Adults ¥1,100.-  Students ¥600.- 
Jr.High and Elementary ¥200.-
Museum Hours 10:00-17:00 (the ticket office is closed at 16:30.)
Fridays except Nov. 2nd open late until 19:00.