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Dyeing Textiles of Samiro Yunoki

patterns and colors

April 3rd (Tue) - June 24th (Sun), 2018

Samiro Yunoki (1922-) started his career as a dyer inspired by Soetsu Yanagi's philosophy and Keisuke Serizawa's stencil-dyeing works. Not only he has engaged in dyeing works, also focused on training the young. Various exhibitions have been held both in Japan and abroad, for example Guimet Museum of Asian Art, France. Thus, he still has kept producing new works actively. It is said that the ability to create patterns is getting weaker in the field of crafts today, but patterns and colors produced by Yunoki fulfil us as if water in a desert.

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'Rin'ne-ruten' (transmigration),
stencil dyeing. 1983.
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Books as Crafts

-collection and creativity from Yanagi's Library

July 3rd (Tue) - September 2nd (Sun), 2018

Soetsu Yanagi regarded 'books' as one of crafted works and collected printed books or manuscripts from Muromachi period (1392-1568) to Edo period (1615-1868) to the museum's collection. This exhibition introduces an attractiveness of books as crafts cherished by Yanagi such as old and rare books from the East and published books designed by Yanagi of Kesiuke Serizawa.

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(from left-top, clockwise) 'Kogei' vol.70, 1936/'Sho-zo-matsu Wasan'(hymms of the Dharma-ages by Shinran). Muromachi period, 1553/'Bunsho-zoushi' (illustrated narrative stories). Edo period, 17th C. /'Kogei' vol.61, 1936./picture scroll of seed syllables. Momoyama period, 1603.
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Joseon White Porcelains

September 11th (Tue) - November 23rd (Fri), 2018

Joseon ceramics reflect its cultural aesthetic or creativity. Among them, white porcelains especially bear the beauty from a pure and honorable poverty which accord with philosophy of the Confucianism. They embrace our hearts gently. Joseon white porcelains such as jars, bottles, and bowls cherished by Soetsu Yanagi will be on display in this exhibition, and invites you to the free and pure world of beauty.

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Jar. Joseon Dynasty, 17th century.
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New Works Competition and Exhibition 2018

December 9th (Sun) - 23rd (Sun), 2018

Dedicated to the pursuit of quality handicrafts for today and the future, the Museum sponsors an annual competition, display, and sale of handmade objects by craftspeople. Anyone can participate in the competition. The categories are: ceramics, hand dyed or hand woven textiles, wood work, lacquered ware, metal, bamboo, straw, glass, paper and others.

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New Works Competition and Exhibition 2018 poster
temporary closure(12/24-1/10)

Direct Perception by Soetsu Yanagi

January 11th (Fri) - March 24th (Sun), 2019

Soetsu Yanagi first admitted the beauty in Joseon folk ceramics, wood statues by Mokujiki, Japanese folk crafts, and so on, which had not been paid attention to so far. It is his direct perception or intuition which made this unprecedented achievement possible. In this exhibition, works collected by Yanagi will be honorably on display, regardless of ages, places, and types, without any captions or explanations for the purpose to experience Yanagi's way of seeing.

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