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temporary closure(3/25-4/1)

Ainu Crafts

- Patterns with a Prayer

April 2nd (Tue) - June 2nd (Sun), 2013

The Ainu people who have lived in and around Hokkaido produced original motifs or patterns in their lives, which are deeply related with the nature and their religious belief. Soetsu Yanagi, founder of the museum, respected the Ainu culture and he held the exhibition The Ainu Crafts and Culture already in 1941. This time various Ainu crafts would be shown such as costumes with applique patterns, wood works like iku pasuy or ceremonial sticks and knife cases, necklaces of large glass beads.

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Robe with appliqué, ruunpe. Hokkaido Ainu. cotton ground, silk and cotton. 19th century. l.124.0cm.
temporary closure(6/3-6/10)

Tsukishima Karukaya

- the world of the naive art from picture scrolls and narrative paintings

June 11th (Tue) - August 18th (Sun), 2013

In the history of Japanese fine arts it could be said that a picture scroll 'The Tale of Tsukishima' and a picture book 'Karukaya' (from the collection of the Suntory Museum of Art) in the Muromachi period have the most naive and simplest beauty. This exhibition centers these two paintings. In addition, picture scrolls like Otogi-zoshi, screen panels like the tale of Soga brothers, Buddhist narrative paintings like 'Ten Kings of Hell'. The world of the naive art from our museum collection would be on display.

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The tale of Tsukishima(detail). Muromachi period, 16th century.
temporary closure(8/19-8/26)

Eyes of Sori Yanagi

August 27th (Tue) - November 21st (Thu), 2013

Regrettably Munemichi Yanagi (commonly called Sori Yanagi, 1915-2011) passed away at the end of 2011. He was a world-wide industrial designer. At the same time, he had served as a third director of the museum for as many as about thirty years. In this exhibition, masks, textiles, and ceramics from all times and various places which were collected by Sori Yanagi would be on display. Through his collection, we would like to introduce what Sori Yanagi had seen in his life and what was the origin of his works and daily life.

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Mask for a funeral ceremony called Kanaga. Republic of Mali. 20th century. h.96.0cm.
temporary closure(11/22-12/7)

New Works Competition and Exhibition 2013

December 8th (Sun) - 23rd (Mon), 2013

Dedicated to the pursuit of quality handcrafts for today and the future, the Museum sponsors an annual competition, display, and sale of handmade objects by craftspeople. Anyone can participate in the competition. The categories are: ceramics, hand dyed or hand woven textiles, wood work, lacquered ware, metal, bamboo, straw, glass, paper and others.

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New Works Competition and Exhibition 2012 poster
temporary closure(12/24-1/9)

Tea and Beauty

- Soetsu Yanagi and The way of Tea

January 10th (Fri) - March 23rd (Sun), 2014

In 1955 Soetsu Yanagi held a first Mingeikan-tea-ceremony. At that time Yanagi adopted tea utensils without being biased by an established idea of tea ceremony. This was based on Yanagi's principle that tea ceremony would not be claimed so without beautiful utensils according to his book 'Thinking of The way of Tea'. This exhibition will re-transform the first Mingeikan-tea-ceremony, a special exhibition 'Newly Selected Works for Tea Ceremony' held in 1958 and others, and honorably introduce how Yanagi considered the Way of Tea.

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Iron kettle with hailstone design. Japan. 18th C. /Brazier. Korean Peninsula. 19th C. w.44.0cm. /Square tile with iron glaze design. Mino, Gifu prefecture, Japan. 17th C.
temporary closure(3/24-3/31)
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